Keep Ingredients Fresh with Infinity Jars

Keep Ingredients Fresh with Infinity Jars

Some of my pet-peeves as a parent:

  • nap strikes
  • open packages of half-eaten snacks
  • never ending “why?!”s

But one of my ultimate pet-peeves has to be tossing food that went bad. Aside from the hard-earned money wasted, what kills me most is watching our good intentions get hauled away with the weekly trash. But we found a solution that extends the shelf-life of our favorite foods (and also makes our kitchen counters look super stylish)!

Keep Ingredients Fresh with Infinity Jars

We love herbs and spices. Not only are they full of nutrients but they add a multitude of flavor to food in a quick and easy way, which is a huge deal when you have kids. Herbs and spices pack a whole lot of benefits, with even more being discovered on a daily basis.

As parents, we can’t stand waste. When you buy herbs and spices from the grocery store they are often packaged in plastic and come in large quantities that you realistically may never get to use in time, and before you know it they’re forgotten and wilting away in the back of your refrigerator.

The healthy solution

Infinity Jars solved this problem for us. They keep things like herbs, garlic, spices, and even skin and body care fresh in their sleek little jars for months longer than the usual shelf life. The jars are made with ultra-violet filtering and an air-tight seal, so they actually slow down the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of whatever you put inside. This is what makes them superior to all other jars on the market.

You can see for yourself on their website how they’ve even kept a tomato fresh for 7 months. You read that right!

“The tomato in the clear glass had mold and microbiological growth while Infinity Jars’ tomato showed no signs of drying out and no loss of color. Imagine the difference it can make for any of your products.”

They’ve even kept chives fresh for 2 months, which given their fragility, is unheard of.

Infinity Jars was awesome enough to sponsor our Virtual Dinner Party that we did back in November, so not only did we get to try the jars out personally, but so did the 20+ other bloggers who participated. (You can see all of the links to their reviews at the bottom of this post.)

The results were unanimous: all the food bloggers loved them. We love them. Your wallet will love them, too.

Tell us: out of all the kitchen items or ingredients you use, what would you want to put in your Infinity Jar?

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