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Nutritious Recipes for Babies and Toddlers.


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What a Good Eater! is a cookbook of baby and toddler recipes with healthy herbs and spices to add flavor and broaden your baby’s palate.  It’s a guide for parents to confidently feed their babies and toddlers wholesome, healthy, age-appropriate foods which help promote a diverse palate right from the get-go. We are two moms who believe that introducing flavorful foods using herbs and spices encourages exploration and openness, minimizes picky eating habits, and sets the stage – and table – for positive future family meal experiences.

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Our favorite recipes are the ones our whole family can enjoy. After all, who really wants to cook twice?! Many of these are ‘make-ahead’, ‘freeze-ahead’ meals that you can knock out on a Sunday or a week night. We believe that the only thing better than having dinner ready-to-go in your freezer for those busy nights, is knowing they are healthy, too.

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Baby food doesn’t have to be boring! And it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. We found deliciously simple ways to introduce flavors, including beneficial herbs and spices, into our babies’ food. We did this gently, being respectful of our little ones’ sensitivity to new foods. Sign up to receive our newsletter and we’ll send you free baby, toddler, and family friendly recipes once a month!

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