Yogurt Berry Frosty: An Afternoon Treat!

Yogurt Berry Frosty: An Afternoon Treat!

Earlier this week, I was looking for an afternoon snack to feed my toddler (and myself). I wanted something a little novel to break from our standard routine. I stood in front of the refrigerator and freezer with the doors wide open, cold air blasting, and stared in a stupor for several minutes. I reached for some frozen berries, yogurt, and this concoction was born. Healthy and delicious, it only took 5 minutes to prepare!

Is the Yogurt Berry Frosty a breakfast food, a snack, or a healthy dessert?? I can’t decide myself! It could be any of these things! As my toddler and I ate it, he kept saying, “Mmmm, it’s good. Dis is good.” It reminded me of a frozen yogurt or ice cream indulgence. The icy coolness of the frozen berries combined with creamy yogurt made for a decadent, unexpected afternoon delight!

Yogurt Berry Frosty

Age: 10 months+
Yield: approximately ½ cup
Food storage: refrigerator-friendly
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: no cook!
Serving options: spoon feed or self-feed


  • ¼ cup plain or vanilla organic yogurt
  • ½ cup organic mixed frozen berries
  • ¼ -½ cup cold water (enough to puree to a smooth consistency)

Place the frozen berries and water in a blender and puree to a smooth consistency. Add the berry puree to a small bowl and slowly add the yogurt while mixing. (You can adjust the yogurt to berry sauce proportions to create a desired consistency for you and your child.) Serve immediately, or for a more frozen consistency, freeze for approximately 1 hour or until set. Enjoy!

About Amy Godiwalla

Amy Godiwalla is co-author of the What a Good Eater! cookbook, available on Amazon. Amy and her husband, Shaun, live in Denver, Colorado, with their two little boys. When Amy is not feeding little mouths or inventing recipes, she enjoys hiking, yoga, snowboarding, cooking, entertaining, traveling to the mountains, sipping hot chocolate at ski resorts, and wine tasting.

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