The Wide World of POPS!

The Wide World of POPS!

The other day Penelope had a little cough. I didn’t want to take her out since she was so mushy and needed rest, so I rummaged through my deep freezer to see what kind of soothing treat I had that could help her feel better.

I came up short. But, suddenly it dawned on me: I could make some simple ICE POPS! Now, I don’t have a fancy ice pop maker. I don’t have a refrigerator stocked with a ton of ingredients to play around with at any given moment. But we moms know how to improvise when we need to, right? Surely I had something on hand that I could use to freeze some pops?!

Enter my Crate&Barrel shot glass rack, which we got as a gift from our wedding registry. What?!! It was perfect! And since we weren’t getting much use out of them these days, I figured I may as well use them productively, right?!

While in the deep freezer, I found a bag of organic frozen cherries, which some say can help ease a cough in a little one (and I figured, at the very least, she’d get to enjoy a soothing treat).  I found some wooden sticks in my pantry, leftover from the days when I was exploring making cake pops (moment of silence for the hair I lost from ripping it out while attempting to get those things to stay on the sticks). Between my shot glass set – er, I mean, popsicle molds, cherries, and sticks, we were ready to go – just like that!

Here are the basic steps I used to make my cherry ice pops:

Fun and Easy Ice Pops


  • 1 bag frozen organic cherries
  • 1 cup water (adding more as needed for consistency)


Place frozen cherries into the blender. Add water. Blend, then evenly pour into ice pop molds. Add sticks. Freeze for up to 6 hours, or overnight.


The possibilities of ice pops for your toddlers are endless – you can blend together variations of fruits and vegetables, yogurts, etc. to help feed your child nutrients in a fun and cooling way that is perfect for the warm weather, and not to mention, great for tough stages of teething! You can even throw some herbs into the mix (we bet some fresh mint would be delicious blended up with some berries, and frozen into a pop)! I think it’s safe to say that this little recipe may have even inspired me to go out and purchase a few proper ice pop molds.


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