Pre-Order the What a Good Eater Cookbook Today!

Pre-Order the What a Good Eater Cookbook Today!

It’s finally here….You can pre-order the What a Good Eater cookbook today!

We’re excited to announce that our COOKBOOK, “What a Good Eater!”, is now available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon TODAY!

What a Good Eater! is a baby and toddler cookbook filled with wholesome, family-friendly recipes designed to promote a well-rounded eater right from the get-go. The book includes 60 recipes with beautiful photographs accompanying each recipe from first foods to toddlerhood and beyond, a parental guide on how to raise a good eater, and because we know cooking can be challenging time-wise, 70% of the recipes are ready in about 30 minutes or less!

We’ve included a few pages of the book to give you a little sneak preview. PRE-ORDER today so you can get your child on her way to being a HEALTHY, GOOD EATER!

PS: These also make great gifts!

What a Good Eater Front Cover for Pre-Order copyFB

What A Good Eater Cover_for_PW



THANK YOU to both our readers who are new and especially those who have been following us from the beginning – we would not have gotten this far without you! Make sure you reserve your copy now! Here’s the link again: PRE-ORDER WHAT A GOOD EATER!

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Alessandra Macaluso is author of What a Good Eater! and The Real-Deal Bridal Bible, host of the Real-Deal Brides Podcast, and blogger at Alessandra’s work is featured in several anthologies, most recently But Did You Die? which is the fifth installment in a New York Times bestselling series. She has contributed to The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and many other online publications. Her original screenplay “Polar Suburbia” placed as a semi-finalist in the Moondance Film Festival. Alessandra is mom to two toddlers and a twenty-five pound Maine coon cat who believes he is a dog. She spends her time driving her OCD husband completely nuts with her constant rearrangement of scenery in their home. Learn more at and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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