Free Recipe: The Almond Butter Banana Boat

Free Recipe: The Almond Butter Banana Boat

Smooth.  Sleek.  Super Simple.

No, we’re not SELLING a car.


When time and energy are scarce, this is a go-to snack.  It’s good for toddlers, good for preschoolers, good for adults.  Is it a dessert?  Is it a snack?  Is it lunch?  Who can tell!?  All we can tell you is that kids seem to love this one, and it’s so filling and satisfying, you’ll want to make an extra one for yourself.  It’s a healthy snack made with REAL FOOD, and it’s high in protein and potassium.

My son and I have a ball eating this one together.  Smiles get tossed all around the kitchen, and there’s usually laughter and giggling that go along with every bite.  His fingers get ooey-gooey, but it’s nothing a little soap and water can’t cure.  Enjoy this snack outside during the beautiful fall weather, or eat it right in the highchair.  This snack is also a great way to keep a non-drinking child hydrated; they’ll need plenty of liquids, so be sure to offer your tot plenty of milk or water between bites of this delicious, gooey snack!

Age: 12 months+

Yield: 1 banana sandwich

Food storage: best if served immediately

Prep time: 3 minutes

Cook time: no cook!

How to eat: self-feed

  • 1 banana, peeled
  • 1 teaspoon creamy, unsalted, organic almond butter

Cut the banana in half. Then, slice both halves of the banana lengthwise down the middle. Carefully spread a thin layer of almond butter down the center of one half of the banana. Place the other half on top to create a banana sandwich. Repeat with the other half. Chop the banana sandwich into bite-sized chunks appropriate for your child. Serve and enjoy!

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About Amy Godiwalla

Amy Godiwalla is co-author of the What a Good Eater! cookbook, available on Amazon. Amy and her husband, Shaun, live in Denver, Colorado, with their two little boys. When Amy is not feeding little mouths or inventing recipes, she enjoys hiking, yoga, snowboarding, cooking, entertaining, traveling to the mountains, sipping hot chocolate at ski resorts, and wine tasting.

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